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Star Trek: Two Hearts, One Soul Part 7

Title: Star Trek: Two Hearts, One Soul
Author: NaomiPhoenix
Chapter(s): 7-?
Pairing: Kirk/Spock, Scotty/Uhura
Summary: The Federation is at risk of collapse as is Starfleet. Post STID.

Previous Chapter: http://naomiphoenix.livejournal.com/8655.html

Chapter Six

“Gah! Politicians! If I could have my way I’d stick ‘em out the nearest airlock. Every step of the way they’ve stuck red tap across our path.”

“One step forward, two steps back.”

“More like a hundred steps back. We cannot deny that we have billions of refugees flooding in; needing to be placed, housed, fed and treated and they are stalling at every turn. By the Great Bird, I want to rip my hair out by the roots. It would be a damn sight more pleasant then dealing with them again!”

“I suggest desperate measures.”

“Like what?”



“Hey kid. Did you forget you are still on shift?” Bones let himself into Jim’s quarters to find his friend staring blankly at an empty screen. “Jim, what’s happened?”

For a few seconds it seemed as if Jim hadn’t heard him but then Jim let out a deep sigh and looked at him, “They promoted me Bones.”

“What? What to?”

“All the way to the top. Fleet Admiral.”

“Fleet Admiral?! What about Barnes?”

“Voluntarily stood down. Apparently he could get nowhere with the Federation Council, so after a great big discussion with the rest of the Admiralty, they decided to give the job to me cause they can’t be bothered!” His voice rose angrily at the end. His eyes fluttered closed with another heavy sigh.

“How long has it been since you slept properly kiddo?”

“Admiral Kiddo to you! Ugh, I don’t know. What‘s sleep again? Is it nice?”

“Go splash some water on your face and I’ll show you how it’s done.

Jim was surprised at how quickly he managed to get to sleep just by being cuddled by his best friend.


Jim awake to the sound of whispering voices.

“Lazy, good-for-nothing, sons-of-bitches! It’s been more than a year and he’s been working non-stop. Now they’re dumping this on him! I can’t believe after everything, they’re taking him off the Enterprise.” It was Uhura.

“No, not happening.”


“’m awake. And I’m keeping Enterprise. They just made me Commander-in-Chief of the entire bloody fleet. They couldn’t exactly take her away from me even if they dare try.”

“What are they thinking? No offense farm boy, you are more than capable of this but you should not be stuck behind a desk, not with all that’s happening.”

“I won’t be. If they think they can keep me trapped and controlled they’re in for an awful shock.”

“So how are we going to play this?”

“Computer, unlock classified Kirk file Alpha-Charlie-Zulu-1-2-8-0-7. Authorisation Kirk, James Tiberius Alpha-Delta-Golf-7-3-0.”

“Working. Secondary password required.”

“Na’t’nash-veh k’hat’n’dlawa.” Uhura looked at him with an amused gaze before she nearly jumped out of her skin. An innocuous looking paperweight fell to the floor as a small section of Jim’s desk rose up. “Damn, I always forget to shift this thing first,” Jim said, rising out of the bed as picking up the paperweight as the concealed section finished making its appearance. With a click and a flicker, it came to life, showing itself to be a multi-screen projector. A range of texts, graphics and predictive computations appeared across the wall.


“You’re going to send the Admiralty and the Federation Council into cardiac arrest.”


The ship came out of nowhere, a Klingon vessel of unknown design. Its engines were ablaze and its warp core had been jettisoned hours earlier.

“Are there any life signs?”

“Two sir, very faint.”

“Chief, can you get a lock on them?” Jim called down the comm..

“Locked and awaiting your orders Admiral.”

“Bring it over. Bridge to Medbay. Bones, I think we’re going to need you in the Main Transporter Room. Two coming aboard, possibly injured. Uhura, you have the conn.”

By the time Jim had arrived at the Transporter Room, Bones had one of the rescued party on a stretcher, racing to surgery. The other was still on the Pad, sealed inside a giant egg, being screened by the Security Team.

“What have we got?”

“Klingon male, badly injured and unconscious. The second life sign is stable, inside this device but we can’t make out exactly what the life sign is. It could be a wild animal in there for all we know, sir.”

Jim knelt down beside it, feeling along the seam, looking for a way to get it open. On the third feel around, his fingernail caught on something on the back of the egg. Cautiously, he depressed it until the top half of the egg popped off. Almost instantly, a little whimper reached their ears. Jim practically threw the lid aside. The infant was little more than a few days to a week old. Her skin and hair, a heedful of curls, were like gold, her wide eyes the colour of the Terran sky. Her ears, curled at little at the tips, were pointed, Vulcan.

“Oh, you are beautiful.”


Jim refused to put her down. Other than cursory tours of the ship and check-ins to the bridge he hung around Medbay until Bones finished his surgery on the other survivor.

“Scanning her would go a lot quicker if you’d put her down Jim.”

“Please just do it Bones. No one else can make heads or tails of her readings.” The little girl suckled happily on a bottle after just having her nappy changed while they waited for Bones to give them her results.

“Bloody hell,” Bones whispered as he looked over the DNA results .

“What is it Bones? Is she alright?”

“She’s...she’s a second generation hybrid.”

“Second generation? What does that mean? That one or both of her parents are hybrids too?”

“One parent, her father to be exact. She’s half Klingon, quarter human and quarter Vulcan. She’s also the granddaughter of the Klingon we have in recovery and the daughter of...”

“Spock. She’s Spock’s.”

“It’s no wonder you’re so attached to the little mite.”

“Sons of bitches. They sent him into Klingon space,” Jim hissed. “They could have gotten him killed!” The bottle slipped from the little girl’s mouth and she was none too pleased.

“Give it here a moment. I better make sure it has everything she needs in it.”

“I wonder what her name is?”


They learned her name the next morning when her grandfather finally awake.

“I’m Ca-Admiral James T. Kirk. You’re aboard the USS Enterprise.”

“I’m Doctor Bath’ra. My ship?”

“Some items were retrieved. Cases of data chips, some devices and a box containing a large fur.”

“And Batlh, is she well?” he reached up to hold the hand of the little girl still cradled in Jim’s arms.

“Batlh is well. She’s already the darling of the ship.”

“I would ask you to find her father for me. He is a Starfleet Office by the name of.”

“We know. He served on this ship once. And you have my word, father and daughter will be united. I take it then that you won’t be staying?”

“I can’t. I left only to get Batlh, and if he asks her name is Klingon for honour, to safety. My daughter and our dearest friend Sal, King of Taamar were murdered two, no three days ago by Sal’s own daughter, the Princess Setella. As you could likely tell by the damage to my ship, we barely made it.”

“What exactly is happening on Taamar?”

“Spock’s presence on Taamar caused an event which freed us, at least for a while, from the tyranny of Setella and her Klingon and Taam followers. They refused to believe that Klingon space has become polluted and would allow no one to leave. When Spock’s identity was confirmed, they attempted to arrest him. He escaped with rQara and Setella’s Klingon followers went to hunt them down. It was night and late in the autumn. We Klingons are weak when it comes to the cold. Their pursuers perished and we gained an unexpected freedom. Many Taam were able to escape before Setella regained her following and started a civil war. Her people have control of the space port. Sal attempted to damage her power by marrying rQara, claiming and naming Batlh as his heir. Needless to say it backfired.” Jim started to reply but Bath’ra chose to continue. “I would ask for Starfleet’s help but you are already stretched to breaking point.”

“It is, for now but there are plans to greatly extend its size, at least temporarily.”

“Then perhaps, when it is possible, send us help.”

“You have my word.”


The Enterprise arrived in Earth orbit some days later, after seeing Bath’ra off with a well stocked shuttle, to huge celebrations. The majority of the Enterprise crew avoided them, including Jim, to the chagrin of the Admiralty, who were called away from them to an emergency meeting with the new Fleet Admiral.

Jim stood waiting for them, wearing the most formal of the Admiralty uniforms, a masterpiece of white and gold, cut to suit him to perfection. There were a few double takes at the purple sash he wore until someone realised it was actually a sling, with a baby inside.

“Kirk, when did you become a father?”

“I haven’t. For now, I am simply her guardian. Admiral, may I introduce Batlh, Queen of Taam. It is the plight of her people and many others like them within Klingon Empire, for which I have called this meeting. If you could all be seated.”

If the Admiralty had had any previous awareness of just what would take place of the coming hours and days, they may have never promoted Kirk, as he made them look completely useless. They sat, some enthralled, others horrified, but the scale of the endeavour Kirk was proposing.

“There is no was the federation Council will accept this proposal.”

“And if they don’t, I’ll simply go straight to the people. There will be those willing to help with the use of their private vessels.”

“Why should we help the Klingons? They bought this calamity on themselves.”

“And onto the many subject species of the Klingon Empire. Would you leave them to suffer?”

“Damn you Kirk.” But truth be told there was no faulty his genius.

“This will free up a part of the Fleet to return to their exploratory missions. They will, hopefully, find suitable worlds to house and feed all these relocated people.”


The meeting with the Federation Council went as well as forecast. No one of them where interested in offering ships or assistance because quite simply, at least in their minds, there was nothing in it for them. And Jim didn’t waste time trying to talk to them a second time. By day four of their return to Earth the entire Federation was glued to their vid screens listening to Starfleet’s dashing and handsome new Fleet Admiral called for private citizens to help the billions endangered by the pollution of Klingon space. Offers poured in almost immediately after the footage first aired. By the time Batlh had started to crawl, at only three months because she was growing like a Klingon, a Secondary and Tertiary fleet of volunteer ships had been formed and began their training. Just as it seemed possible to finally recall the USS Endeavour to Earth, a startling message came into Starfleet HQ. A Vulcan Doctor, the very same who had lead the team who had bio-engineered Spock, had chosen to come out of his self exile to request Priority transport to Uzh-T’Khasi. The Endeavour was the closest ship available.


Next Chapter: http://naomiphoenix.livejournal.com/9151.html

Star Trek: Two Hearts, One Soul Part 6

Title: Star Trek: Two Hearts, One Soul
Author: NaomiPhoenix
Chapter(s): 6-?
Pairing: Kirk/Spock, Scotty/Uhura
Summary: The Federation is at risk of collapse as is Starfleet. Post STID.

Previous Chapter: http://naomiphoenix.livejournal.com/8438.html

Chapter Five

“Captain Spock, Priority One message from Starfleet Command. Marked for your eyes only, sir.”

“Thank you Lieutenant. Commander Sulu, you have the bridge.”

Less than twenty-four hours later Spock disappeared from Endeavour and the Admiralty issued a gag order on his entire crew.


The captured Klingon K’t’inga vessel had been augmented with the best scientific equipment Starfleet had to offer. For weeks now, it had silently transversed Klingon space. And during these weeks they had come to a startling conclusion. Powerful solar winds plagued the region and Qo’nos was in the path of the most furious of them all. Tests had found record breaking amounts of plutonium, lead, mercury and arsenic in the crosswinds which pummelled Qo’nos and many other worlds in this Empire. The worst of the pollution came from Praxis, the very same planet where the Warfleet had originated from.

“To put it simply Captain, they have been poisoning themselves for generations.”

“And now they have become desperate for new, clean territory.”

“In doing so, that is to say by constructing this massive fleet in such a short time they have made the deterioration of this sector of space incredibly acute.”

“Previous to the Warfleets construction, we could have assisted them in cleaning up this sector with half a century. But now...now at our level of technology, the process would take a millennium, minimum.”

“1032.275 years,” Spock replied as he gazed over their calculations.

“They are dying, they are desperate and they will stop at nothing. A very dangerous enemy indeed.”

“How do we even begin to deal with a people like that?” one of the scientists asked with the breathy tone of horror.

“Unknown. Such an event on this scale has never taken place.”

“Most species capable of warp usually shed their war-like tendencies and are more aware of the dangers of their actions may cause. The Klingons were interfered with well before they reached that stage.”

“My ancestors almost destroyed Vulcan before the Age of Enlightenment and the Exodus. But once their minds were turned to logic and they made use of the sciences the damage they inflicted were reversed and our world was healed.”

“Of course, Captain Spock, that’s it! We stop dealing with the warlords and start dealing with the scientists!”


The idea was easier spoken then done. Another month passed, deep in Klingon space, before a coded transmission to KDA on Qo’nos was intercepted.

“We’ve tracked its origin to this location. A subjected planet called Taamar. Its people were just pre-warp when they were conquered and have a strong history in medical science. The message sent to the KDA was basically an essay outlining that the pollution is the cause of the illness plaguing the Empire. From what I can tell, this Doctor Bath’ra is working in exile and under house arrest on Taamar. He’s got few facts to work with but his theory as to what is causing this is only just a little off."

“What have the KDA said?”

“They told him to keep his theories to himself and shut up before his house arrest becomes imprisonment on Rura Penthe.”

Something in Spock’s gut, which many years ago he would have ignored, told him this Klingon scientist was contacting and he said and did as much.


The Castle of the King of Taamar rose over the Capital City more like a dark shadow then as the centre place of a people of science. Under this great shadow, at the very edge of the Capital City, sat the property which stood as the prison of Doctor Bath’ra. Spock alone left the ship to make contact, dressing himself in the broad shouldered robes of a Romulan, with falsified identification to match. None of the Klingons who stopped him in the streets, and this happed on many occasions, question his supposed origin despite the lack of brow ridges. They were more amused by the length of his hair, which he had not cut since Khan and by all accounts made them mistake him for a Romulan female. Along with glimpses of Miramanee’s Necklace he gained some unwanted attention. That was until it led him to be invited to the very house he had been scouting for five days. He would attend a dinner alongside Taamar Royalty and High ranking Klingons.


Princess Setella was in her element surrounded by a dozen bawdy, boorish Klingon Warriors, her admirers, Her father on the other hand sat quietly in a corner with Doctor Bath’ra and his daughter rQara. Why the old fool insisted on interacting with the Klingon traitor and his offspring when he knew he would be interrogated about it the next morning, she could never understand.

“Ah, there is his Princess, the wealthy Romulan merchant I was telling you about,” Commander Gath chuckled.

“The pretty creature everyone has been gossiping about?” she made a show of putting down her glass before following his gaze to the most beautiful being she had ever seen, wearing, if possible, an even more exquisite jewel. It stood out brilliantly against the plain black silk robe he wore, belted with a deep purple sash. “Beautiful.”

“Him or the jewel Princess?”

“I want that jewel.”


Almost immediately upon his arrival, Spock, who was using the name Valden, was swept across the room by a courtier to be introduced to the King.

“Your Majesty, may I introduce Valden, a Romulan Merchant. Valden, His Royal Majesty, King Sal of Taamar.”

“Welcome, welcome Valden. Please join us. My companions are Doctor Bath’ra, a scientist, the greatest I’ve ever known and rQara, his equally brilliant offspring. Come sit with us.”

“You honour me Majesty,” Spock replied as he took the indicated seat.

“Nonsense. I admit, I had you brought straight over upon your arrival because I’ve heard stories of this great jewel you wear and I admit I have a great weakness for such pretty things. I see that the rumours about it are true. I’ve near seen such a fine thing made from uncut stones before. Where is it from?”

Spock answered honestly, omitting only a few details, “It was made by a dear friend of mine for his late wife. Once he was ready to let go of her, he gave it to me, as a token of affection and as a sign of his belief in me. We were parted quite suddenly and I do not know when we will see each other again.”

“He sounds like the dearest of friends,” rQara spoke.

“He is. And, at times, rather maddening,” Spock smiled and little. The King laughed heartily.

“Tell me Valden. Do you have any interest in science?” asked Doctor Bath’ra. King Sal and rQara shared a look which spoke volumes.

Now Spock’s cover story came into play, “I think had my father not needed my help with the family business, I may have sought some further education in the sciences.”

“If my father cannot converse on the subject of science then he doesn’t consider conversation worth his time,” rQara commented slyly.

“rQara! I do have other interests.”

“Your daughter is right Bath’ra. You always turn to conversation to science if you cannot start it that way.”

“I feel you may wish to speak to me about something specific,” Spock jumped right in. The mood of the others changed very suddenly.

“Is the device active?”

“Since before you joined us Sal.”

“Have no fear we will be overheard Valden. Bath’ra has a device that will fudge our words. Have you noticed what is going on?”

“If you mean the lack of Klingon patrols throughout the Empire and rumours of engagements with Federation ships across the Neutral Zone?”

“The Empire is being abandoned.”

“Abandoned? Rumour is that the Klingons have seen weakness in the Federation and are expanding.”

“And the longer the Romulan Empire believes it the better says the Klingon High Council.”

“But your people have spent centuries building the Empire, why abandon it?”

“Because we have poisoned it.”


“All our science has gone towards the building of bigger and better weapons and ships to expand the Empire and subjugate captured peoples. And we’ve been too busy, too focused on that to see that we were poisoning ourselves and them the whole time.”


“Pollution. Where most other species had learnt to deal with it and even stop it by the time they were warp capable, we had no such thing before the Orions. We never had a chance to learn like other species. We went from warring tribes to Planetary Empire in a decade and never looked back. It is instilled in us since birth that blood and battle is our life, our destiny. Nothing else matter.”

“You realise that if it is discovered that you have told me this, you will be all labelled as traitors. Why take the risk?”

“Desperation. I have been sending communications to every level of Klingon society and I have been ignored. Only a few years ago this problem could have been solved with a generation. But with the increase in production in the past few years...”

“The pollution has increased and due to the powerful solar winds in this region the pollution is being spread.”

“You were right rQara. He is not who he pretends to be,” the King smiled, but there was no malice in it. Spock tensed for just a moment anyway. “Do not fear, we will not give away your presence. We only ask that you take word to the Romulan senate...”

“I cannot.”


“I am not Romulan. I am Vulcan.”

“But what interest do the Vulcans have in Klingon space?”

“I am not here on behalf of the Vulcan people. I am here on behalf of Starfleet. I am Captain Spock of the USS Endeavour.”


“I’m afraid I’ve come to the same conclusion as you Captain,” said Bath’ra sadly, “Leaving Klingon space is our only option. But it shouldn’t have been.”

“And you, King Sal, what of your people?”

“Even Taamar is not safe. But it is one of the safer worlds. We will be among the last to die from the poisoning. Though that may not yet be for many generations yet.”

“Would it not be wiser to leave and make another home for yourselves?”

“Where? Most worlds are in this region are already claimed.”

“There are colonies looking for more people to join with them, worlds with no sentient life forms and many others yet to be discovered. There are worlds and places enough.”

“Under the rule of the Federation,” added Bath’ra.

“No, the Federation cannot, will not interfere unless its members are endangered. That is why Starfleet has been defending its borders so vehemently. It seemed certain that the Klingons were invading. We did not know until the first ships were captured that something was wrong.”

“We’ve given no reason to believe that we were doing anything but Empire building,” finished rQara.

“Once they see the data we have collected, they will call off the fleet. No doubt an offer of aid will be extended.”


As the dinner progressed the Klingon warriors present imbibed more and more bloodwine. With every bottle emptied, the noise increase until it reached a level too loud for Spock to be comfortable. rQara came to his rescue.

“Come join me in the garden Valden. There are several phenomena that can only be seen on moonless nights like this that you will find of interest.”

Neither missed the leers that followed them to the door. Most of them on him but one leer in particular on what he wore around his throat.

They were not in the garden for ten minutes when Setella and her closest companions joined them.
“You’ve become very friendly with my father and the Klingon traitors, Romulan. What is it that you had to talk about for so long?”

“Trade, Your Highness,” Spock replied coolly, even while the Klingons seized him and rQara by the arms.
“It looked a little more serious then trade.”

“Trade is a serious business.” Spock’s heart jumped a little when he realised just how much of Jim he had channelled into that statement.

“Hold his arm out,” she showily pulled a small blade from between her breasts and sliced it over Spock’s exposed wrist. One of the Klingons then caught the blood on a device Spock could not identify. “I have my suspicions Romulan that you are not who you say you are. This device will confirm this momentarily.”

“It was you Setella. You robbed my father’s laboratory, rQara was enraged.

“Your father claims to be a true and loyal servant of the Empire, yet he keeps devices such as this, which could be used to root out spies, a secret.”

The device chirped, “I should know better than to bet against you Princess. You were correct, he’s not Romulan. He’s Vulcan,” smirked the Commander. The device chirped again to their clear surprise, “It says he’s Human as well.”

“Spock of Vulcan. Well, well, well, we have caught ourselves quite a prize here my darlings. This begs an interesting question. Are you here on behalf of the Vulcans or are you here as a Federation spy?”

“I was sent as a Scientist. Ships were captured crewed by children. Children dying of heavy metal poisoning. I was sent to discover the source of the poisoning.”

“No matter. You are now a prisoner of the Klingon Empire.”

“The Federation can help. We want to help. It is our way.”

“Liar. The Federation are the biggest Empire builders of them all.”

“No, they are not.”

“Silence, spy. Take them away,” she waved them off them changed her mind, “Wait! The necklace. Give it to me.”

One of the Klingons reacted too eagerly to obey her command and loosen his grip on Spock’s arm to comply and Spock took full advantage of the fool’s mistake. Before the first phaser shot could be fired he had freed rQara and cleared the back gate.


They had been running for more than two hours before the voices and phasers of their pursuers faded further into the distance than Spock could hear. “We are no longer being pursued.”

“It’s-it’s t-too cold. Qo’nos is hot and humid. We K-Klingons suffer in the cold. It can-can k-k-kill ussss. Or pursuers m-m-may have already-d-d-d-d-dy succumbed,” rQara shivered violently. For Spock, it was no colder than a desert night on Vulcan.

“We are near mountains. It may yet be possible to find suitable shelter from the weather.” As if it was able to hear his words a frosty wind picked up. “We should not risk starting a fire in the open.”

“D-deadly predator in the mountains. Even K-klingon warriors do not enter their h-h-heavily armed and in-in large groups. I have only-only my D’k’tahg.”

“That will lessen our risk of capture considerably as they will be unlikely to consider we would enter the area.”

“I-I-I do not see the-the logic in risking d-d-death.”



rQara was no longer able to speak or even walk without Spock’s aid by the time they found a cave. Leaving rQara just inside to cave mouth, he took her D’k’tahg with him while he checked to see if it was safe. He turned ca corner not thirty feet into the opening to find a creature four times the size of a seh’lat in every portion barrelling towards him. While a Klingon warrior would have held his ground, Spock ducked and rolled as soon as the beast came close. It impacted the wall with a sickening sound. It staggered about, dazed and confused. Concentrating his senses as Zarabeth had taught him, to ascertain the beast’s weakest points, he caught the scent of blood. The beast had broken skin, over its eyes, he could hear it hitting the floor, flying through the air and colouring the walls as the beast shook its head violently to try and clear the blood which rendered it blind. It’s hearts, which made only a dull sound, where too deep in its body, too well protected by its bone structure to be targeted.

It snuffled the ground, forgoing trying to find its prey by sight. Spock stayed still, until the very last moment. The D’k’tahg followed by Spock’s arm up to the elbow, disappeared through the closest weak point, the beasts eye socket. The sickening sound that came with Spock retrieving his hand and the blade turned his stomach.

“How?” rQara, stirred by the noise had managed to drag herself further into the cave.

“I have hunted such beasts before. My teacher taught me well.” He helped her around the beast, whose body now blocked the vicious wind from making its way further into the cave. Tucked against the back wall was an empty, slightly empty nest. “We should not risk a fire this far in. I suggest we instead use the beast’s fur.” Spock returned to the beast, skinning the main part of its body. The skin was enormous and even folded in half, was enough to cover them, with plenty to spare.

After a time, while she still shuddered uncontrollably, rQara recovered her voice. “How is it that you learned to hunt with such skill?”

“I found myself trapped on an ice world some time ago. The only food available was animal flesh. I was taught by my rescuer to hunt beasts larger and more agile then this one. I had thought I would never make use of them again.”

“What else did you learn?” rQara asked innocently. Spock was glad she could not see on the dark as well as he could, as he was unable to keep the colour from his cheeks. “Spock? Are you well?”

“She taught me how to process and dry animal flesh. To find stone and make tools. To craft furs into clothes to keep in warmth without interfering in hunting. And....”

“A hesitant Vulcan. I did not think such a being existed.”

“She taught me how to use my body to revive one who has been made ill by the cold."

“Oh.” The next shiver was not from the cold but caused by his hand caressing its way along her body. “What exactly did she teach you?”

He proceed to give her a thorough tutorial.


The King’s loyal guardsmen found them at the entrance of the valley at mid-morning and secreted them into the Palace. King Sal sat slumped on his Throne, black circles around his eyes from lack of sleep/ Yet his face brightened greatly upon seeing rQara. “My dearest, your father and I feared for you greatly. None of the others returned, they perished when the winds came.”

“I feared you lost also. Surely Setella...”

“Her followers are gone. All of them. She has taken to her rooms in a fit. None will listen to her. I am only sorry that I still cannot release your father from his house.”

“If Setella has truly lost control then we should seize this time and make use of it. “

“We shall indeed.”

“What will you do?” Spock inquired.

“Setella’s followers have held back a growing resistance for some time, including some supporters we have among the Klingons. I will entreat my people to leave this world. Will you take a plea of assistance to the Federation?”

“I shall.”


Next Chapter: http://naomiphoenix.livejournal.com/8930.html

Star Trek: Two Hearts, One Soul Part 5

Title: Star Trek: Two Hearts, One Soul
Author: NaomiPhoenix
Chapter(s): 5-?
Pairing: Kirk/Spock, Scotty/Uhura
Summary: The Federation is at risk of collapse as is Starfleet. Post STID.

Previous Chapter: http://naomiphoenix.livejournal.com/8013.html

Chapter Four

Battle of K-7, SB23 and Epsilon Hydrae - Approximately 4 months later

Despite having received multiple offers of pre-emptive removal from Sherman’s Planet, a few of the Federation citizens there, mostly those who made the most profit from the mining and agriculture, refused to leave. That was until the main body of the Klingon Warfleet began to amass at Kren, threatening to burn through the small Federation community at any moment. Suddenly those who had chosen to stay behind where now begging for rescue and the Enterprise, Bradbury and Columbia were sent to retrieve the strays. And when they got there, instead of co-operating to make the evacuation go as smoothly as possible, the planets’ Elite (as they liked to refer to themselves to) refused to bard any ship bar the flagship. Jim was about to tell them what they could to with their supposedly superior backsides, when news came through, the main Klingon Warfleet was on the move. Thanks to Uhura’s diplomatic skills, the people were reassigned and on board only 45 minutes later than planned.

Jim gritted his teeth. Hytec, High Administrator of Sherman’s Planet, had just stepped onto the bridge like he owned the place and had immediately started to complain about the ‘conditions he was being subjected to’ and how ‘rude the crew was’ because none of them would do more then give him direction to the mess when he ‘simply wanted the food to just be bought to him like it always was’.

“Mr Hytec...”

“It’s Administrator High-tech,” the pompous man over enunciated.

“Mr Hytec, you will remove yourself from the Bridge immediately or I will have you removed in cuffs and you will find new quarters in the brig. Do I make myself clear?” Jim replied.

“Sir, Bradbury reports they are engaged with a Klingon vessel in the SB23 System. They are also reporting that Columbia was attacked just before them as they were docking at K-7, Captain.

Ignoring Hytec’s spluttering, Jim returned to the centre chair, “Red Alert! Scan for any anomalies that could indicate cloaked ships and try and get Epsilon Hydrae on the comm,” he ordered.

“Really Captain, you are forgetting you have refugees on this ship. Flying into battle is...”

“We were on our way to Epsilon Hydrae, K-7 and SB23 when we were ordered to evacuate your people first. If you had left BEFORE with the majority, we may have been able to rescue these other people. As High Administrator, the blame stands with you. People trusted YOU and now you foolish decision has led to this. GET HIM OFF MY BRIDGE!”

“Epsilon Hydrae reports two D7 class Klingon Battle Cruisers and a K’t’inga-class Vessel firing on the planet, sir,” Uhura added. “Ground shields are holding for the moment.”

“All decks, Battle Stations. Epsilon Hydrae is under attack by three Klingon vessels. Prepare for a fire fight. Arm all torpedo bays. Target the weapons arrays of all vessels as soon as we are out of warp and fire.”

“Columbia reports they’ve taken out their attackers and are offering assistance.”

“Tell them thanks but to complete their mission first. We don’t know when the Warfleet will enter this sector.”

“Columbia acknowledges and says they’ll be on their way to us in twenty.”

“All right, you heard her. Let’s see if we can finish this in the next twenty minutes.”

“Exiting Warp in 5...4...3...2...1,” called Lt. DeSalle, Sulu’s replacement, as he bought them out of warp right on target. The first torpedo was fired less than five seconds later. Clipping the front of the nearest D7 port phaser. It misfired repeatedly before blowing, sending the vessel into a sideways spin. As if they did not know what was happening to their ship it began to return fire. By the time it had loaded and fired its own torpedo their rotation had them aimed at the bridge of the other D7 vessel.

“Wow, did you see...”

“Don’t get distracted. The K’t’inga is a far more powerful vessel then the D7’s.” And it was finally starting to react to their presence. “Let’s put the remaining D7 out of its misery first. Target the starboard phaser and main engine.” Two bright explosions later the D7 was dead in the water.

“Sir, the K’t’inga-class vessel is cloaking.”

“Target its last known location with proton torpedo’s, wide spread and fire.”

Onscreen, where there appeared to be empty space, one of the torpedos hit something, giving the illusion of space rippling.

“Target that area and fire again, wide spread.” This time three hit, forcing the K’t’inga vessel to de-cloak and began to fire back wildly before it had even gotten its phaser banks lined up with them.

“Okay, is it just me or does that reek of desperation?” Jim asked no-one in particular.

"They're undertrained and underprepared," DeSalle noted.


"Bait. Distraction," Uhura threw out.

"Take them offline. Chekov, what has the main body of the Klingon Warfleet been doing while we've been distracted by this lot?" The ship shook a little as the Klingon vessel finally lined up with them.

"Shields at 98%."

"Keptin, ze fleet is gone!"


"Admiral, at a guess the Klingons somehow got intel on where we were and what we were doing."

"But sending their own children to provide a distraction?!" Komack said incredulously.

"There's more. Dr McCoy has run some scans and they're all suffering from various levels of heavy metal and radiation poisoning. No one is talking though."

"What the hell do we do with hundreds of 6-10 year old Klingons?”
“Get them better first, then find homes for them. Send them to school and let them live out their lives like anyone else,” replied Jim.
“Shit Kirk, could you make it a bit harder for me to respect you?” joked Komack. Jim had the decency to blush, before becoming serious once more.

"There's more going on here then meets the eye, Admiral. This whole thing is beginning to reek of desperation. Something has happened inside the Klingon Empire and it's killing them."

"What are you suggesting Jim?"

"We go in and find out what the hell is going on."

"Well, it won't be you and the Enterprise. No Jim, don't argue with me. We need you where the public can see you. If you and that ship of yours were to just up and disappear, questions would be asked. You're Fleet Captain, for crying out loud. If you where to disappear, it would have a very negative effect on the war effect."

"It needs to be done."

"Not by you. I'll present your findings and suggestions to the rest of the Admiralty. For now, bring the Klingons to Starbase 11. Komack out."

Jim could not shake the feeling of dread that hung over him like a dark cloud.


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Star Trek: Two Hearts, One Soul Part 4

Title: Star Trek: Two Hearts, One Soul
Author: NaomiPhoenix
Chapter(s): 4-?
Pairing: Kirk/Spock, Scotty/Uhura
Summary: The Federation is at risk of collapse as is Starfleet. Post STID.

Previous Chapter: http://naomiphoenix.livejournal.com/7812.html

Chapter Three

“We’d like to try anyway Mr President,” Jim requested.

“You do realise what you are asking, don’t you Captain Kirk? You are asking me to sanctify what is likely to be a suicide mission. I cannot ask the Flagship of Starfleet to do that. Especially when her Captain is the Klingon Empires Number One War Criminal,” replied Tilney.

“We understand the risks involved sir but...”

“No, I don’t think you do Kirk. The Klingons have been manufacturing ships nonstop since the last time you were sent into their space. Patrols on the border with the Federation are almost continuous. And that’s only the ones we can see. They are burning a hole through Praxis to power this War Fleet of theirs and one ship sent to negotiate doesn’t stand a chance. Anyway, we have already sent three private vessels in already. None have returned.”

“Mr President, I...”

“I’m sorry Captain. This War is the last thing any of us want but it’s what we are going to get. You’re dismissed Captain. Please return to your ship and prepare to receive further orders,” then she added more gently, “Get some rest Jim. It’s only going to get worse for now.” Her last comment made something constrict in his chest. He searched the faces of the others present. They were hiding something. Shoving to the back of his mind, he snapped out a salute and left the room.

“He’s never going to forgive us for this. We’re going to lose him,” Tilney said sadly.

“We won’t just lose him. We’re going to lose the Enterprise and most of those who serve aboard her. Their loyalty is to him, not to Starfleet or the Federation and I can’t say their wrong,” replied Komack.

“Please send in the Commander.”


Spock could not control the tremble in his hand as he lay his meditation robes over the many objects he had already packed. Turning back, he started as he caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror. The gold uniform he now wore looked so wrong on him, the extra line of braiding around the wrists felt as if they weighed a tonne. They had promoted him with no warning. Sulu too, who was now be his First Officer, aboard the recently completed USS Endeavour NCC-2710, the Enterprise’s twin Sister-Ship. Their promotions had been a public spectacle, leaving no chance for them to quietly turn them down, to pretend it never happened.

The beep at the door wasn’t unexpected but it still filled him with dread. It meant it was time to say goodbye and he knew he couldn’t. He didn’t want to. It wasn’t fair. He had finally found a place where he belonged and they were taking it away from him. He curled his hands into fists, steadfastly refusing to answer as the door beeped again. If he didn’t answer the door, if the person waiting outside those doors went away, then maybe, just maybe he could pretend, however illogically, that this was not goodbye.

The door slid open; the light from the hallway threw a great, long shadow across the room. It moved, just a single step, then the door closed and the shadow disappeared. A single tear can down Spock’s check, echoing one brought forth by a loss such as this some years ago.

“Spock.” A pause. He doesn’t answer. “It’s okay. Take your time.”

“It is not okay. Nothing about this is okay,” Spock hissed, “They should know better.”

“You’re right. You’re absolutely right and we’ll make them pay, Spock. But later, once this War with the Klingons is over and done with...Yeht ugau nash-veh than tan-tor (True promise this one do give).”

“Nash-veh than dva-tor du (This one do believe you).’ Spock jumped microscopically when he heard Jim put something down.

“Mon masu k’nash-veh (Drink water with this one).” Spock’s breath caught on his throat. The ceremony of sharing water was considered an intimate act, on shared with family. He felt the movement of air and the whisper of fabric floating to the floor. The sound of two items, likely a cup and jug of water joined them. “Spock, please. We don’t have much time. Please share this with me.” There was a tone of desperation in Jim’s voice. As Spock finally found the strength to turn around, he saw the fine gold and red cloth Jim had been wearing when he had returned from Ancient Vulcan. Lain upon them were a lith’ik (cup) and yerak (bowl) filled with water. As he moved closer he could see Naric (pomegranate) in the bottom of the bowl. One of Spock’s favourite fruits. He knelt across from Jim and Jim began the Ho’rah t’dahshaya (Ritual of Separation). Words, some so ancient Spock could barely translate them, were spoken, then Jim too the lith’ik and dipped it into the yerik until it was full to the brim. He held it out to Spock, who placed his hands over Jim’s and guided them and the lith’ik to his lips, draining the lith’iks contents swiftly. He guided it back to the cloth, his hands leaving Jim’s very slowly. In fact, Jim did not let one go, “Come. There is something else.” Jim guided him over to the table by the door where he had something wrapped. He opened it slowly and the sight of what was inside took Spock’s breath away. It was Miramanee’s Necklace, a great jewel of Tanzanite in shades of warm pink, royal purple and deep blue, held together by vines of gold, mined and moulded by Jim’s own two hands for his late wife, Miramanee. And now Jim was giving this exotic jewel to Spock, “Taluhk nash-veh k’dular (I cherish thee),” Jim whispered as he placed the jewel around Spock’s neck.
“Jim I...”

“Nirsh. Survive the War first. I will do the same. I don’t want an answer until that day.”

Chekov and Sulu were sharing a tearful hug when they arrived. Uhura gasped, her strong hold on her beloved Scotsman slackening ever so slightly as she saw the jewel around Spock’s neck. Bones expression changed from a deep frown to his eyebrows nearly disappearing into his hairline.

“I vill take good care of your plants, I promise Hikaru.”

“Thanks Pasha, I...” Sulu’s eyes widened when he saw them.

“По Великому птицы (By the Great Bird).”

“Endeavour signals they are ready to receive Captain Spock and Commander Sulu at their convenience, Captain Kirk,” Transporter Chief Doohan said softly.

After another round of goodbyes, Spock and Sulu took their places on the Transporter Pad.

“Dif-tor heh smusma.”


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Star Trek:Two Hearts, One Soul Part 3

Title: Star Trek: Two Hearts, One Soul
Chapter(s): 3-?
Pairing: Kirk/Spock, Scotty/Uhura
Summary: The Federation is at risk of collapse as is Starfleet. Post STID.

Previous Chapter:http://naomiphoenix.livejournal.com/7678.html

Chapter Two

Unfortunately, all those who had also chosen to seek a peaceful solution had come to the same sad conclusion.

“Not all seek peace and Knowledge,” Sarek had said shortly before the second meeting began.

“My fellows, while those who have sort a peaceful solution have learned there may be none, that is no reason to become despondent,” Began President Tilney, “Those who have chosen to forecast the outcome of War have come to the conclusion that we stand a great chance of the conflict lasting only two-to-three years. Additionally, if evacuation of outlying colonies were to begin shortly, we would experience minimal loss of life.” Her next words were drowned out as klaxons began to blare throughout the building. The Presidential Guard burst through the doors moments later. As she was being swept from the Hall a voice come over the internal comm system.

“This is not a drill. Warning! Explosive device detected. Possibly of decompression. Please evacuate to lower levels Repeat, this is not a drill.”

All but seven obeyed. A screen outside the door showed the location of the evacuation routes and with a bit of coaxing from Chekov, the location of the explosive device. Several of Babel’s own Security Force were already present when they arrived. Time stretched out, one minute, then two as they assisted in the methodical tearing apart of the unused lounge.

“Here,” Scotty called as he tried to push aside a heavy bookshelf, behind which was hidden some grating. Spock and Jim each took a side, lifting it out of the way. One of the Security Officers scanned it without moving the grating.

“Two chambers inside filled with an inert liquid chemical. Some sort of solid compound had been dropped into it and it being dissolved.”

“Z’tansic Acid. The solid matter is Drev’shot, inside that is what they refer to as ‘Done’ dust. Two stage chemical process resulting in abouta hundred metre diameter sphere of nothing, ‘cause the explosion reaches temperatures of eight thousands degrees Celsius. It cannae be physically moved, that’ll only speed up the process,” added Scotty.

“Can we bean it out?”

“It’s risky. We’d have to drop our shields for your ship to be able to get a lock. We’ll be open to attack.”

“Should there be a cloaked ship in waiting, there are twenty-four Starfleet vessels in orbit.”

“Order it,” the Security Officer said to a companion.

“Kirk to Enterprise. Prepare for Emergency beam out on my mark. Lock onto this comm’s signal and the device I’m going to place it on and beam it as far away as possible.”

“Transporter ready on your mark, Captain,” Transporter Chief Doohan replied.

Scotty’s fingers slipped twice trying to get a grip on the grate, having no nails to pry it out. Uhura stepped in and had it off in seconds. Jim slipped the comm on while most of the room held its breath. “Mark.”

"Object decompressed on reintegration, Captain," the Transporter Chiefs voice came again, over Jim's boom, which had fallen to the ground when the transport happened.

"He used de new pwogwam ve had been working on," commented Chekov.

"I noticed. Very nice Mr Chekov. Thank you Mr Doohan."


"Okay, I think I get why the Enterprise is referred to as the insane asylum. That lot are nuts running to the bomb, rather than away from it."

"Completely against regs. You get ordered to evacuate, you evacuate."

"The Admiralty either gonna reward them or demote them back to Ensigns."

"I don't think Kirk ever was an Ensign."

The room hushed as the Enterprise Seven appeared alongside the Admirals and Babel Security. "Thank you again for your help. I've already sent a recommendation to my superiors saying we either a bomb disposal unit or the training to deal with them."

"If ya like, I can send ya some protocols to refine your search program, make it a bit easier to locate 'em n future," Scotty replied.

"Much appreciated," the Security Officer, shook his hand.

"Gentlebeings, if you could all return to the Hall we will continue with the meeting," Admiral Barrett announced.

"Normal for Enterprise is different to normal for the rest of the fleet." This would become almost a daily quote.

"Okay, they saved lives and stopped property damage. But if any of us were to go into a situation like that after being ordered to evacuate, we'd have our added handed to us."

"Look at them. Cool as an Andorian Spring."

"Have you noticed that the Captain and the Commander have a sort of synchronicity to their movements?"


"No, Enterprise."

"Well, they are the best Command team in the fleet. All our Captain does is whine that Enterprise gets all the good assignments."

"They so don't. They get the freaky and weird ones. Do you really want that?"

"Well, it would be more interesting then monitoring Klingon transmissions and calculating trajectories or comets."

"I think that's what the rest of the Enterprise crew does. It's just the Command Crew that gets all the weird shit."


To: Enterprise Command Team
From: Babel Security Team

Investigation of bomb location has located Klingon DNA. Possibly of Bomber having scratched his/her hand but pattern of blood does not match. Could use some more heads on this. Interested?

Security Officer S'A'le met them in the lounge after their meeting.

"You see, a normal pattern to a scratch is a sort of a swept look,” S’A’le swept his fingers across the surface of his PADD to show them. “But this is the pattern we found in the blood.” He showed them a picture of dried, pinkish toned blood that was swept in a side to side motion, “Looks like someone rubbed it on from the looks of it.”

“Whomever is responsible for this, it likely is not the Klingons,” stated Spock.

“There’s something else about this that doesn’t sit right. Something’s missing,” commented Jim.

“What are you thinking?” asked Bones.

“Look at this,” called Sulu from the open grate. “These lines in the dust, Scotty and I were thinking.” They move their hands into positions that made them appear to both be holding the same object and mirroring the marks in the dust.

“We need to be looking for at least two people not one,” breathed S’A’le, kicking himself internally for not having seen it.

“Skin!” exclaimed Jim suddenly, “There’s no skin cells. If someone scratched themselves, there would be skin cells.”

“Zhat is how we caught ze miners stealing ze Dilithium two years ago,” Chekov added.

“So I can go to my superior and say for certain this is a set up.”

“We’ll back you up.”


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Star Trek: Two Hearts, One Soul Part 2

Title: Star Trek: Two Hearts, One Soul
Pairing: Kirk/Spock, Scotty/Uhura
Summary: The Federation is at risk of collapse as is Starfleet. Post STID.

Previous Chapter: http://naomiphoenix.livejournal.com/7217.html

Chapter One

“Have you heard?”

“Heard what?”

“About the Enterprise’s latest conquest, of course!”

“Oh, bloody hell! What’s the Baby Captain gone and done this time?”

“Only convinced the Heliosian Empire to ally with the Federation. They’re opening up six of their space docks for Starfleet to construct new ships as well as mining rights on several worlds.”
“What are we giving them in return?”

“A century-long mining lease on the Super Carbon Planet Nyx. The Helios love diamonds and their sources are almost dry. Apparently diamonds are sacred to their Goddess.”

“Damn, those kinds are good.”

“Seriously, how do they do it?”

“Well, they’re supposed to be here. You can ask them when they arrive. They’ll probably be late, they were pretty far out.”

A short ringing of bells signalled fifteen minutes before the meetings commencement. The senior crews of several starships and Federation members began to move into the Meeting Hall.

“They better show-up soon or they’re going to miss the briefing.”

“It’s the Enterprise. Knowing them, they’ll come sweeping in at the last minute.”

“I think that’s only when someone or something needs rescuing.”

“Haha! It wouldn’t do for the Flagship to be late.”

“They won’t be late. Their Chief Engineer is the God of Physics. Haven’t you heard? They’ll come sweeping in just as the first speech is about to start.”

“Wanna bet on it?”

“What are you willing to lose?”

“Bottle of Romulan Ale.”

“You’re on!”

The minutes crept by as various crews and Ambassadors moved to their assigned seats. Seven seats, front and centre, next to the Vulcan Representatives, stayed conspicuously empty. The Admiralty entered along with the Federation President and several Ministers. The lights dimmed to mark one minute to commencement and, as if it was planned, the Senior Offices of the Enterprise arrived.

The Hall, which had just moments earlier been almost quiet, was suddenly filled with a roar of voices. They were a sight to behold, in their new fashion dress silks (not yet wore by the majority present, undeterred by the fuss their appearance had caused. Or in truth, the fuss Jim Kirk’s appearance caused. He wore his mohawk in the most haphazard manner rather than directing it backwards as he normally did. And he had painted a full mask of blue over his eyes, fading it into his hair.

“What’s with the look?” someone behind them whispered to a companion. Her captain was a little more forward.
“Kirk what the hell is with the getup?”

“That ‘getup’ Captain Bartlet is the mark of a Warrior of the Amerind People, which Captain Kirk is. While he no longer lives among them, he continues to wear it to honour his late wife and unborn child,” Spock answered. While his voice was soft it held power enough to be carried throughout the Hall. The room was suddenly very quiet.


The President seized the opportunity the sudden silence bought and began her speech, outlining why they were gathered there. The losses from Nero, then the rogue Admiral and his pet Augment had left a gaping hole in Starfleet and therefore the Federations defences. And the Klingons were 'testing the fence'. While the newly secured deal with the Heliosians would give them six new Constellation-class Ships in just over a year, it was still a year with a smaller than optimal fleet and six wasn't near enough to replace their losses. Plans needed to be set out for possible evacuations of Federation planets should it come to war. But most importantly, they were there to find a peaceful solution above all other responses. Some of the Ministers spoke after her, mostly repeating what she had said. By the time they were dismissed, two hours had passed. As the other Command team and Ambassadors forded out, Enterprise and the Vulcan’s lingered.

"I think it would be best if we took this to the Enterprise, Ambassador. I know that it is a deviation from what we are suppose to be working on but I promise you, it will be worth your time," Jim addressed Sarek directly.

"Sa-fu? Your message was cryptic but I was led to believe something of Vulcan Past was found."

"I apologise for the mystery Sa-mekh but as several Vulcan artefacts have been stolen in the past few years, we felt it necessary to advertise our discovery as little as possible."


Only a fool would believe Vulcan’s had no emotions. Sarek and his aides held each and every items Jim had collected as if they were each a precious newborn.

"Captain, this is indeed an extraordinary collection."

"I believe now that the Heliosian Goddess wasn't actually testing us at all but was giving us a gift," Jim replied. "Sarek, would you join Spock and I in his quarters?"

"Are there more artefacts?" Sarek asked as the door to Spock's quarters slid closed behind them.

"A jar of Vulcan sand and a book, the Imperial copy of T'hy'la. Spock wishes to keep them in his possession at this time but that is not what we want to speak to you about. Sarek, I think it's best if you sit down for this," Jim replied as Spock steeled himself.

He recounted to his father the story of what happened on the ice world and the words of the Priestess after he had returned, "We then went to Doctor McCoy who performed several tests. He has confirmed it. I am fertile."

"When you asked to speak to me in private, I illogically feared for your health. This news is the last I expected to hear. I am pleased for you my sa-fu and saddened that you could not know your child. Do you plan on having other children?"

"I am considering it. Perhaps through a surrogate at some future time."

"I would raise them for you if you wish to continue your career in Starfleet." Only a few years ago Sarek would never have made such an offer, Spock mused. So much had changed.

"I thank thee."


"Kirk! Where did you disappear to?"

“Just checking up on my ship Bartlet.”

“So I guess as a Warrior, you’re going to be brainstorming a battle plan with your team?”

Jim refused to Bartlet the reaction he sort, “As a matter of fact, we will be working to find a peaceful solution and hopefully prevent a War from ever happening.” Jim moved on to catch up with the other who had continued on and missed the shock on Bartlet’s face.

“Captain, we have access to all Memory Alpha records on the Klingons as well as records of conflicts and encounters with Klingons dating back nearly five centuries,” Uhura handed him a PADD.

"Okay, let's get to it."

For three days in shifts of twelve hours the seven worked tirelessly to find a solution only to come to one terrible conclusion. Klingons do not negotiate, have no interest in peace and if they sense weakness they will attack and conquer. Spock summed it up will three simple words.

"War is inevitable."


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I could do with some help finding two stories and a one-shot. Harry,Ron and Hermione go to Xavier's school while Iceman, Rogue and Collosus go to Hogwarts. Harry falls for Kitty Pryde and Ginny for Collosus.

In the sequel, all the kids end up in some sort of maze where they have to use all their skills to survive and work together.

In the third one Harry and Ginny are divorced/seperated and Kitty comes back into Harry's life.

Thanks ahead of time for your help.

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